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Private Personal Care Management Membership

Your Health Is Our Priority

Talk with your Nurse about your health concerns. Your Nurse will help you navigate the medical system. When you partner with a Nurse whose care is always centered around you, your health, and your concerns, your fears of healthcare can be alleviated. We will help support the continuity of care and ongoing support. There is nothing better than having a Nurse in your corner we fight for YOU! A nurse will do an initial assessment, review all of your health history and write up a report for you to share with your family in terms they can understand.

Membership includes 1 hour of Nursing time per month additional credits can be purchased. This does not include initial assessment cost.

Initial Assessment with Your Private Care Management Nurse

Often time patients get lost in the medical system because it can be overwhelming and to complex to navigate on your own. That’s what we are here for. Each client will meet with one of our Registered Nurses to review their medical history and plan of care from their physicians. You will receive a full report broken down into laymen’s terms so the client can understand and share it with their family members. Nurses will help arrange follow-up care with appropriate specialties and clinics. Initial assessments cost $250, regardless of the time it takes to go over your history. This can take as little as 1 hour and up to 6 hours to complete, so please dedicate appropriate time to spend with your designated nurse for your initial assessment and intake. We require document uploads into our HIPPA complaint system which the client will have full access.

Other Services Offered With Membership

Clinic Appointment

Whether you're having a scheduled procedure and would like your "Responsible Adult" to be a Registered Nurse, this component of our Membership is how you can access this valuable resource.


Natural Nurse Solutions can help you understand changes that are happening and suggest interventions that promote balance and well-being while your body facilitates a recovery process. You will have an initial intake with a Nurse to help you navigate your health, medications, and plan of care.

Healthcare Liason

If you are having trouble connecting with your Healthcare Provider, don't understand your therapy plans, or not sure where to follow up? This Membership is for you and your family. Often times the problem is from broken communication & Healthcare system. We speak the Medical Jargon and speak Doctor. We can attend appointments and hospital visits with you. We want you to understand your choices and be your number 1 advocate in guiding you through the healthcare system. We have a team of Nurses specialized in a multitude of fields.

There's A Nurse For That

No matter what your nursing care needs are, we have you covered. One of our Registered Nurses will come to you for wellness & nursing care. From in-home IV services to bedside hospital assistance when you or your loved ones are hospitalized, Natural Nurse Solutions was developed as a patient-centered model, with you and your needs in mind.

What areas of specialty does Natural Nurse Solutions cover?