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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

Why NAD+ is the single most important molecule to supplement

At birth, your NAD levels are the highest in concentration and have been linked to the cycle of life and cell death. With aging, these levels decrease, in fact by the time you reach the age of 30, these levels are cut in half. NAD is a coenzyme or carrier molecule. Without NAD+, we would be on the fast track to death. The molecule facilitates cell regeneration in the mitochondria and produces ATP (cellular energy), converting food into energy. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining DNA integrity and ensures proper cellular function to protect your body against aging and disease.

Science Made Easy What Is NAD+?

Learn how NAD+ is being used to help treat addiction

How do I get approved for NAD infusions?

At Natural Nurse Solutions, we offer NAD+ infusions. Contact us today to set up an intake and assessment to get access and approval for NAD+.

If you prefer a virtual visit please contact Natural Nurse Solutions @ (612)475-2558 to set up an intake virtually with our medical team.


NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It’s responsible for transferring electrons and hydrogen in the Krebs cycle, making it a vital component for producing all of the energy your body uses. It’s involved in over 100 metabolic processes and is considered one of the most essential building blocks for life. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decrease as you age and in response to psychological illnesses. This negatively impacts your health in many ways. Boosting your NAD+ can help restore your natural and healthy levels, enhancing your physical and mental well-being.

Raising your NAD+ levels through supplements isn’t as effective as through an infusion. Digestion is a problem for NAD+ because the substance is hard for the stomach to break down, making it less bioavailable. By bypassing the intestinal tract, the body is able to fully take in and utilize the NAD+ being administered. Infusions are especially recommended for those trying to have a more comfortable aging process, who are planning to detox, or who suffer from mental illnesses.

NAD+ infusion therapy promotes healthier aging and can help several mental illnesses, including substance abuse disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, brain fog, athletic performance, some chronic illnesses, TBI symptoms, and in some cases and help manage symptoms from Mold exposure and Lyme disease.

Restorative processes depend on NAD+, and shortages can cause problems such as metabolic decline, cognitive issues, and a lowered immune system. An NAD+ infusion helps counteract this, preventing issues before they arise. It also helps protect your neurons against the effects of neurodegenerative diseases.

NAD+ is necessary for optimal mental health and recovery. NAD+ protects your neurons from damage and improves your cognitive function and mental clarity. It also combats stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and a lack of motivation.

NAD+ is especially helpful for those with a substance abuse disorder because it can decrease cravings and discomfort during the detox process.

NAD+ infusion therapy is a completely safe treatment option. It’s a natural substance used in the body and is readily incorporated. Although it is a common nutrient you still have to meet qualification standards to receive infusions or IM injections.

We highly recommend that you consult with our physician before receiving NAD+ if you have a chronic illness, in some cases, we will ask for a referral from your primary care doctor.

We recommend fasting for 4 hours from food prior to infusion, but we strongly recommend coming hydrated. We also recommend you avoid alcohol, street drugs, sugar, and junk before and after your infusions. During your loading dose, these things MUST be avoided to optimize your experience and effectiveness.

During the infusion, NAD+ can cause side effects such as nausea, brain fog, cramping, generalized body discomfort, and muscle fatigue. However, these can often be relieved by slowing the IV drip, and you get control of the rate of your infusion. Infusions MUST take at least 30 minutes.

We recommend that you undergo infusions daily for 4 days for IV, and 1 injection/week for 4 weeks for Intramuscular injections. Depending on your state of health, our nursing team will recommend which route is best for you. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

Yes. There aren’t any lasting amnesiac or psychoactive effects of the infusion, so it’s safe to drive home afterward.

If you are interested in whether or not NAD+ infusion therapy is right for you, we are more than happy to talk to you. You can call us at (612)475-2558 to schedule a complimentary phone consultation, or click here to set up an appointment to speak with a nurse. If you prefer a virtual visit please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

NAD+ Membership

Includes 1 Concierge Session/Month
3 Options Available
$ 50 Monthly
  • 500mg Intramuscular Injection: Member: $275 Retail: $550
  • 500mg IV Infusion-Member $375 Retail: $550
  • 750mg IV Infusion-Member:$475 Retail $750
  • Loading Dose-Member: $1195 Retail: $1500

6 Dose Package

Save on Purchasing in bulk
$ 1500/$2100/$2700
  • 24 Doses of 125mg IM Shots- $1500 ($62.50/Dose)
  • 6 Doses of 500mg IV-$2100 ($350/Dose)
  • 6 Doses of 750mg IV-$2700 ($450/Dose)

12 Dose Packages

Save By Purchasing In-Bulk
$ 1500/$3600/$4700
  • 24 Doses of 125mg IM SHOTS-$1500 (62.50/Dose)
  • 12 Doses of 500mg IV-$3600 ($300/Dose)
  • 12 Doses of 750mg IV-$4800 ($400/Dose)