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Meet Your Cannabis Nurse

“Cannabis isn’t scary you just need to get educated”

Renee has been certified in Cannabis since 2019 but has been researching and helping people and their pets since 2017 when both she and her Dog Xzander became ill and were able to treat their ailments with Cannabis. Renee has helped over 5000 individuals with Cannabis since then. In 2020, Renee started her own Nurse Consulting business, to educate and inform others about the safe use of Cannabis. Click on “A Nurse’s View On CBD” to learn more.

Renee decided to become Certified so she could help educate others on safe use of Cannabis.  Below you will find an article written to help you understand how Cannabinol works in your system, keeping your cells in balance and living in their most optimal state. Click the Link Below To Learn More.

Certified Cannabis Registered Nurse