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Join As A Natural Nurse Solutions Member & Receive Discounts On Drips & Services


Biomat & Reiki Membership comes with a 1-hour session/per month. Additional services can be purchased at a discounted rate for members.

Packages also available


Get set up with one of our Registered Nurses to set up a nutritional and health plan. This does not include monthly nutrition, as a Healthy Habits member you can receive discounts on other services, and also comes with FREE coaching sessions that are tailored to your needs.


IV Drip Memberships are our most common Membership. Members receive maximum benefits and discounts on IV drips. You receive micronutrients at a fraction of the cost compared to other IV companies.

**Ingredient & Base IV packages available.

**Additional Discounts available for Healthcare Workers.


Members receive an hour of Nurse time per month, and additional hours can be purchased if you or your loved ones have procedures coming up or need additional in-home, in-hospital, or clinic appointments. We have nurses specialized in all areas including Emergency Room & ICU. An initial assessment will be completed that is not included in the membership price.