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Bath Bombs



Settle in for a relaxing bath or invigorating experience and allow the healing to begin. Natural Nurse Solutions Bath Bombs are one of a kind. There is no other product on the market just like this. Each bath bomb is carefully crafted, and infused with powerful natural and wild-harvested essential oils and herbs. We also have an entire collection infused with Crystals and Intention Herbs. Whether you’re after a relaxing, petal-laden floral soak or an invigorating multi-layered explosion of color and scent, there’s a bath bomb perfect for every bathing experience. You won’t be disappointed at the lasting effects of these bath bombs. Custom orders are also available, each order is handmade for order keeping the ingredients fresh and ready for your personal use.

Reiki Infused Bath Bombs

Balance Your Chakras

The entire universe is made up of energy and our bodies are no different. There are 7 main Chakras in your body that play a significant role in balancing your health and energetic body. Many eastern cultures have used Chakra healing for years and believe that we carry a life force within us. These life forces or energetic centers are called Chakras.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Natural Nurse Solutions Different?

Yes, nutrients used in our bath bombs at a ratio based on a 50-gallon tub.  Your skin is your largest organ, and when your body is submerged in a bath bomb anything the water touches will absorb the nutrients. 

Yes, all products are naturally used in bath bombs. Essential oils are also high quality and organically farmed or wild-harvested from all over the world.

Our crystals are purchased from all over the world but are hand selected specifically for their healing purpose and intent. All Natural Bath Bombs

Natural Nurse Solutions Bath Bombs are designed and created with an all-natural approach. Each ingredient can be traced back to the originating buyer.

Products are made handmade and custom ordered at Natural Nurse Solutions based out of Blaine, MN

If you refer someone to our wholesale bath bombs, please send their name and email address to Renee@naturalnursesolutions.com, we will then send you a discount code as soon as their order is placed. You can receive anywhere from 10-50% off.

Bath Bombs and All Natural Herbs