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After Renee’s health began to fail in 2017, she jumped started her journey into health and wellness. Her physical body was failing but it gave her the strength she needed to explore mind, body & soul awareness. After many hours/days of research, she started to unravel what Western medicine couldn’t treat. Read her health transformation story below, and how she lost 104# without exercise.

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When the nurse became the patient................

My Health Journey

“One decision changed my life forever! I can help you change yours too”

It's always a little uncomfortable but yet soul-moving to share my story. I see how much growth I have experienced through tragedy. In 2017, I shed 45 pounds with nutrition & vigorous exercise. I made the decision to participate in a fitness competition. I eventually made contact with a remote-coach & began training. 3 months in I developed a disorder called rhabdomyolysis.

An uncommon illness known as rhabdomyolysis is brought on by excessive muscular-breakdown. Your body releases toxic electrolytes & proteins into the blood that destroy the kidneys & heart. To assess the severity of the disorder, Creatinine Kinase levels were drawn. Normal values range from 20 to 200, mine were 109,000. Completely off the charts & took them over 10 hours to dilute my blood down to get a value. The doctors were floored as this was the highest they had ever seen.

My body was beginning to shut down, my heart & kidneys were failing. Despite the fact of being a nurse, I was scared, I was now the patient at the mercy of time & a broken healthcare system. I was powerless to stop it, struggling for my health & life. I prayed that my body would start to repair itself. I was sent home after a prolonged stay in the ICU & cardiac step-down unit. After I was released, I was told it would be months, if not years, before I could exercise again. Statiscally, my body had an 80%- 90% probability of this happening again.

My CK levels didn't normalize for 9 months. By this point, I had begun to lose faith in myself, my ability to compete, my self-love & it became a downward spiral. I knew I had todo something, but I didn't know where to start. Regrettably, I gained everything I had lost plus more over the course of the following several years. I continued to put one foot in front of the other, but on the inside, I lost interest in the reflection in the mirror.

Being a nurse in the midst of the pandemic, my stress levels were at an all-time high, & I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. Then we learned my father required a kidney-transplant. My physicians agreed for me to get tested, at this point my kidneys & heart were healthy again. In order to preserve my kidneys, they wanted me to shed 20-30 pounds, without exercise, before I could be considered, so I started working hard on my nutrition. I created a disaster of restrictive diets, & I put on more weight. I had reached my limit.

I contacted a friend from high-school, who was a health coach, as I knew he had helped a lot of other people lose weight without exercise. I was hesitant to sign up & assumed it would be another one of "Those Diets". To my pleasant surprise it was completely different. I lost 18# in the first month. I had the feeling that my life was returning. Even following the stressful days at the hospital, my sleep had significantly improved. I adhered to the plan. Every month more weight & inches were coming off.

I made the decision that I wanted to support people who had experienced similar struggles to myself, so I began to coach. I shed 104 pounds in 11 months & achieved my best-ever physical condition without engaging in any exercise. As I started incorporating healthy behaviors, I discovered how to really take care of myself. The photographs were merely for record-keeping purposes; nevertheless, it was the change in my body, soul, & mind that has changed my life forever. I was allowed to undergo the testing to determine whether I could be a donor, but they discovered I have a rare medical condition and excluded me from doing so.

Fortunately, my sister was virtually a perfect match. My dad & sister underwent a nine-hour kidney transplant, in August 2021. I'm happy to report that they are both doing fantastic. As a family, we were able to regain our health, & I will be eternally grateful that I finally said yes to my health and my future health. I am here TODAY to help you do the same.

Thank you for letting me share my story.